13 Oct 2016: Mystical Blue Ice from sky villagers awestruck

A huge Blue coloured ice block weighing about 8 to 10 Kg fell in a house in ‘Pakdaha’, under Sashan Police Station, Distt. ’24 Pargana’ (West Bengal), on 13th Oct 2016 (Thurs Day) at around 0730 Hrs. Indian Standard Time.

After fall, the ice piece broke into pieces and started melting. A big crowd gathered to watch the incident and many people took photographs from their mobiles. The ice block melt after some time. Many people collected ice sample and the liquid from the molten ice.

Suspecting the source from an aircraft, the officials from Geological Survey of India, collected the ice/ liquid samples for the purpose of getting them tested.
In this context, news items have appeared in many newspapers, including Bangla News Papers “Dainik Bhaskar” dt 14-10-2016 [http://www.anandabazar.com/…/mystical-blue-ice-from-sky-vil…] and in English News Paper “The Tribune“dt 14-10-2016 (Refhttp://www.tribuneindia.com/…/it-rains-poop-on-…/309918.html)

The site of incident (Coordinates 22°40’55″N, 088°34’12″E) is located just 10 Kms East of Netaji Subhash Chandra International Airport, Kolkata.

The Colour and other evidences confirm the source of ice from the leaking toilet lines of a commercial aircraft.


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