Certification-WGS-84 Coordinates; Elevation for NOC


We carry out physical survey observations & survey work for measurement of precise Geographical Coordinates in WGS-84 System & Site Elevation for our clients seeking NOC for the construction of buildings, structures etc. from Airports Authority of India. 

Our Company ‘Aero Survey Pvt Ltd’ is on the  panels of Airports Authority of India vide AAI CHQ Letter No. AAI/9-70/SY-EMPN/17/ARI-(SURVEY) dt 13-09-2018 for conducting aeronautical survey of civil airports under their operational control. 

Equipment Used for the Job: Long duration survey observations are made by experienced Survey personal using Dual Frequency DGPS, and high precision Total Station (With 1″ accuracy) & other modern survey equipment like Auto Level etc. Final precise results in the form of WGS-84 Coordinates & Site elevation in desired format 

Certification:  After the physical measurement by DGPS, Total Station and other precise Survey equipment, suitable certificate showing the Geographical Coordinates of the site in WGS-84 system and precise site Elevation  is issued to clients format desired by Airports Authority of India (AAI).

You may send your requirements for Survey and Certification of Coordinates & Site Elevation of your Site/ Plot/ Building/ Structure etc. in following form at the following email-id:

  • survey@aerosurvey.in

  • bksrivastava2000@gmail.com