Established in the Year 2006, “Aero Survey Pvt Ltd” (An ISO 9001-2015 Certified Company) is recognized as the most experienced company in the field of OLS Survey in India.

We offer specialized services for aerodromes & helipads to meet various operational requirements of your existing or proposed Airport or Heliport in the form of :

  • Measurement of Geographical Coordinates (In WGS-84 System) & Site elevation for the NOC of buildings, plots and other structures from Airports Authority of India.   
  • Pre-Feasibility Inspection /Site Inspection and preparation of Preliminary Report (Inspection of the Airport & Helipad site to assess the feasibility of establishing or developing the Airport / Helipad)
  • Obstacle  Survey / Topographical Survey/ Aeronautical Charts/ Survey Report. (After the OLS survey, assessment of obstacle data is carried out by us to finalize the Runway orientation of new runways, to decide the threshold displacement, to project the recommendations for removal of obstacles or take other mitigation measures.)
  • Preparation of Technical Feasibility Report/ Project Feasibility Report
  • Providing Geographical Coordinates in WGS-84 System & Site elevation (Above mean sea level) for the purpose of NOC by using modern Survey equipment like DGPS & Total Station. Great opportunity for the NOC Seekers from Airports Authority of India, for the proposed constructions of buildings, Hotels and other new  establishments.

Designing & Preparation Various Aeronautical Charts like:

  • Aerodrome Obstacle Chart-ICAO Type A
  • Aerodrome Obstacle Chart-ICAO Type B
  • Aerodrome Obstacle Chart-ICAO Type C
  • Precision Approach Terrain Chart-ICAO,
  • En-route Chart-ICAO,
  • Approach Chart-ICAO,
  • Aerodrome Chart-ICAO
  • 30 NM Chart
  • Aerodrome Ground Movement Chart-ICAO
  • Aircraft Parking / Docking Chart-ICAO
  • Area Chart-ICAO
  • Standard Departure Chart-Instrument (SID)-ICAO
  • Standard Arrival Chart-Instrument (STAR)-ICAO
  • Approach Chart
  • Visual Approach Chart-ICAO
  • Grid Map
  • Chart Showing various Obstacle Limitation Surfaces (OLS Chart) around an airport/Heliport.
  • Search & Rescue Chart (Showing details of areas in the neighbourhood of an airport).
  • Any other relevant chart, required by your airport.

We can also design and prepare various Airport Documents like;

  • Aerodrome Manual
  • Airport Security Manual
  • Airport Contingency Plan etc.

We have successfully completed a number of Airport & Helipad Projects of OLS Survey in India, that has finally resulted into fruitful approvals & licencing from Aviation authorities.


We have the honour of being on the panel of Airports Authority of India (AAI) for conducting Aeronautical Survey of Airports belonging to AAI.  

We were instrumental in conducting OLS Survey for India’s first hotel to be granted permission to operate helicopters on its rooftop, ITC Gardenia, Bengaluru (Earlier Bangalore) featuring a 25m diameter helipad on the hotel’s 22nd floor, with the DGCA’s approval and authorization, to land and take-off for Day operations.

3 responses to “Services

  1. Please provide your quote for these services

  2. Dear Madam,

    Thanks for your query regarding the quotes for the services provided by “Aero Survey”.

    As the extent and scope of services mentioned in our website may depend entirely on the type of requirement of your airport, and may depend on a number of other factors like the size of airport, terrain, location, nature of work etc. the it would be possible to provide the quotes on receipt of specific requirement.


    Yours sincerely,

    Bimal K. Srivastava
    Aviation Consultant,
    Aero Survey,
    G-11, Second Floor,
    Green Park Extn.,
    New Delhi-110016

    Mobile +919810604778 (M)
    Phone/Fax : 011-41756621,

  3. I am looking someone who can support to prepare the AOC Chart Type A, B including OLS of Domestic airport of Nepal.

    Your idea please?

    Thank you

    Birendra Raj Shrestha

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