13 Nov 2016: Incident of Fall of Blue Ice near Bengaluru Airport

Incident of Fall of Blue Ice on 13 Nov 2016 near Bengaluru Airport:

As per the news report appearing in “Praaja Kannada TV”, lumps of Blue Ice fell from sky on 13 Nov 2016 in Surappalli Village near Chikballapur Taluk, District Bagepalli (Karnataka), India).

The YouTube Link in Kannada Language: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DVzhqwfCoBM shows interviews of eye-witnesses (Villagers) handling ice lumps of blue colour and storing molten liquid (blue coloured) in bottles.

Geographical Coordinates of the incident site are 13°40’40.91″N, 77°54’25.57″E, and the place lies at a distance of 57 Kms on a bearing 022° Degrees (North north west) from Kempegowda Intl Airport (Bengaluru). This is a case of fall of ice from the toilets of an aircraft, which perhaps was coming to land at Bengaluru Airport from North. Such ice from aircraft gets formed when there is leakage of toilet fluid from the defective leaking sewage lines from the aircraft toilets. Large number of such cases of fall of ice from sky have been reported in India and in other countries.


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