As per the Hindi Newspaper “Dainik Bhaskar” dt 07th Oct 2016

A case of fall of Ice block on 5th Oct 2016 Wed Day in the afternoon has been reported from Rajasthan (India), District Karauli, in Masalpur, Village Naraina when a group of villagers grazing cattle on a hillock witnessed the fall of a big block of ice which broke into pieces on hitting the ground. Villager “Bhimraj Maniram” informed that fortunately, no one received any injury due to the incident, as they were a bit away from the site. A large number of people gathered to see the ice.

Analysis of the News:

Some of the possible reasons for sudden fall of such type of ice from sky (Without rain) could be a peculiar weather related phenomenon known as “Megacrymeteor”, or it could be due to fall of frozen ice from the leakage from the defective toilet lines.
1. Approximate Geographical Coordinates of the incident site are 26°38’05″N, 77°13’49″E

2. Site of incident lies exactly below the Air Traffic Services Route W-20N (Bangalore/ Hyderabad/ Chennai to Delhi) at an areal distance of 215 Kilometers from Delhi. This is the place around which the aircraft coming from South side commence descent.

3. It is possible that the ice piece might have fallen while the aircraft was descending from low temperature atmospheric region to higher temperature region..


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